Using gamification for innovation and critical-thinking (Design Week 2019)

You can't miss on this!

Design Week 2019 will have its culminating activity this April 28 using the power of gamification with talks, workshops, and activities all focused on Filipino culture, tabletop games, and arts. This will happen in Plaza Moriones in Intramuros.

“Every edition of Design Week Philippines introduces fresh approaches to design and creativity, and this edition is no different,” Matute noted. “Through our collaborations with different designers, creatives, and hubs, we will unleash your inner child as you enter a state of play. Through the exciting lineup of activities we have in store for April, we will help you unlock unique views and applications of creativity and innovation,” she added.

Who are your moderators for the event? Well, here's the list!

  • Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP) President Alvin Juban
  • Patricia Ramos (Illustrator and Game Designer, Talinghaga and Tala),
  • Thomas Regala (Game Designer, The Epic Gaming Regiment),
  • Tobie Abad (Senior Game Designer, Taktyl Studios),
  • Nico Valdez (Publisher and Game Designer, Balangay Entertainment),
  • Nathan Briones (Lead Writer and Game Designer, Project Tadhana),
  • Yves Suiza (CEO, Promeworks Pte. Ltd).

These designers will share their insights on the current state of tabletop games including the story behind the work, their design process, the movement being built, the challenges, the role of design in achieving its goals, and the future of the tabletop game industry.

While we still don't have our Darna, how about playing the card game first?

State of play: Design Center, in collaboration with Filipino tabletop-game designers and brand partners like Awit at Laro, will nurture creative problem-solving while also reflecting Philippine culture through games and design.

Meanwhile, Makerspace Manila will facilitate a workshop on making your own board game.

“It is fast-paced, hands-on, and team-based. Participants will leave the workshop armed with a methodology that can apply not just to board games but to any design-related endeavor. This will be fun,” Makerspace Manila Co-Founder and CEO Gino Carino said of the workshop, adding that participants will be playtesting their creations to complete the experience.

For every creative in the field or aspiring to delve more, this is a week you just can't miss.

For more details, how about following them at Design Center of the Philippines or the event's official account at Design Week Philippines.

This article is a press release and edits were made before publishing.
All images supplier by Design Center of the Philippines.

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