Oro Design Conference 2019 by Uncurated Studio

Oro Design Conference gathered six prominent designers and design studios from different parts of the Philippines, to share their stories, process, and advice to inspire curious and creative minds within the area.

It was the first of its kind in Northern Mindanao and is held at Capitol University’s Mini Theatre last February 9, 2019. The conference was geared towards graphic design and its interdisciplinary effect on different creative fields.

Being the first installment and a first in the Northern Mindanao region, the theme revolves around the literal translation of the word “Oro” which means gold. For its identity, Uncurated Studio decided to make it type-centric and weave every graphic element to visually translating it typographically.

Aside from the warm hospitality, Cagayan de Oro City is also known for its river and is often associated with countless myths, legends and folk stories. With this, Uncurated Studio decided to use a typeface that would translate the wavy, flowy and eccentric characteristic of the river and used Radimpesko’s Lyno Jean typeface. We also used Good Type’s Adieu to compliment the primary typeface.

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