Hello to an AlterNative!

How many of us wants to represent what’s truly ours, locally made Filipino products and proudly use it daily? How many of us actually know a place where to get them?

Enter AlterNative! (We must say, what play in words!)

Spearheaded by Works of Heart Design Studio, they launched officially last Friday at Local Edition which was more of a celebration of the Filipino craftsmanship, curated well in one digital home.

It was an intimate event graced by partner brands of AlterNative. The first one to take the stage in sharing insights regarding this landscape was none other than Prim Paypon (The Dream Project) who shared about past and current projects that boasted our culture locally and in the international scene. His speech on “Anong taya mo?” in nation-building surely got everyone fired up.

Alternative aims to make these brands accessible for the young and mindful, especially those with an eye for social change. (quoted)

As for AlterNative, what they bring to the table is a well-curated platform of what they call “Hi-Fi” or “High-quality, Impactful Filipino” brands. Current partner brands that they have are Conscious Canvas, Sip, Woven, Anthill Fabric Gallery, Gugma Weaves, Jacinto & Lirio, and Gouache. We must say, a strong lineup so far and they’re looking for more.

And as for us from I Saw Design, what caught our eye was their logo.

Works of Heart explained that this is their modern interpretation of weaving, and colors inspired by our national palette but revised to be more playful.

As for the typeface? That’s where we can really say that it is the small details that matter. Check out the tweaks they did in this san serif type, adding some sharp corners in “a”, and “t”, and changing the “r” all-over!

Minor tweaks do make the biggest changes!

But enough of that, how about visiting their site and checking out what they curated for you. Amazing lineup and kits with different personalities! Check them out here.

Special thanks to April Cenedoza for some of the photos used in this article.

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