LOOK HERE: Women Graphic Designers Panel Discussion

Following their successful gallery launch last October 13, Women Graphic Designers PH followed it up with a panel discussion held at the ASPACE Philippines in Makati where the gallery will be up until October 31.

The panel was made up by the following: Baby Imperial of B+C Design, Joyce Tai of Inksurge, Bru Sim of Electrolychee, Joreen Navarro of Works of Heart, Mika Bacani of Lowbrow (Design Team), Jo Malinis, Nowy Aratan, Mia Lagos of Cocomilk Design Studio, and Pau Tiu and Dyam Gonzales of Bad Student Press.

Of course, the panel was moderated by ladies as well, Dang Sering and Arriane Serafico. Topics ranged from design leadership, lessons in design and in business, and future goals and visions for the group and graphic design in the Philippines.

The discussion went beyond the given time but for good measure for each one were given the voice to really speak their mind about graphic design history, business, and even a tinge of experiences as a woman in this field.

Some notable points were about the mix of design and business, like at the end of the day, as designers, our goal is to create great designs but if we do not push bottomlines or push the message, we fail as communicators.

Another is keeping the studio small is a business decision to keep the emotions (and overhead costs) at a minimum.

If I am to be asked, it was Pau of Bad Student who had the best quote with “Beshies over Business”.

Indeed, these women graphic designers did make us look here. Here’s to looking forward for more design from this group!

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